Poul Kjaerholm at Deconet 

Poul Kjaerholm (Denmark 1929 - 1980)

Poul Kjaerholms work is perhaps the most elegant in Scandinavian post-war time. Most 20th Century Danish furniture stresses the beauty of wood but Poul Kjaerholm favoured steel, with its flexibility and elegant surface finish, for his furniture. His innovative designs in steel, cane and leather represent an important departure from the Danish tradition. His best known designs are PK20, PK22, PK24 and PK41. From the late fifties to the early seventies, Poul Kjaerholms furniture was produced by E. Kold Christensen in Denmark. These early pieces by Kold Christensen are highly collectable and command high prices. Fritz Hansen took over production in the late 1970s and continues to produce some models to the present day.