Cees Braakman

Cees Braakman was one of the most influentual designers of the Netherlands. He started his career at the furniture manufacturer UMS Pastoe already at the age of 17, and learned the basics of furniture production. After the second world war, Braakman was sent to the US to study American design and production processes. Being particularly inspired by the works of the Eames at Herman Miller, Braakman introduced the bent plywood techniques to Pastoe and created their first line of modern furniture. The clean, efficient and forward-thinking designs of Braakman paved the way for success for Pastoe during the 1950's and 1960's, and he remained head of the design department until 1978. Some of Braakman's most reknown designs includes a pioneering series of modular cabinets that was based on self-assembly and could be combined in endless ways and in various materials, as well as the 'U+N' series created during the 1960's.